Relationship Hypnotherapy

How does relationship hypnosis work?

Relationship hypnotherapy works by allowing yourself to completely relax and this allows you to enter a level of trance. Forget what you see on T.V. there’s no Jedi tricks, its simply relaxation. Every day we enter a trance like state, whether it’s when we are driving (ever wondered where that 30 minutes went?), watching T.V., reading, or drifting off to sleep. When we are in a trance like state this is when we can actually absorb information, more so than when we are consciously trying to learn. Remember when you were daydreaming in class, and most probably got told off, that’s the state where you unconsciously absorbed the most information.

What is the unconscious mind?

Our unconscious mind is what drives us every day, so it follows patterns of behaviours really well because that’s what allows us to function as human beings without bringing awareness to everything that is going on our bodies, merely to be breathing and alive, let alone actually ‘do’ anything like lifting a hand.
It’s very powerful and essential for survival. The unconscious mind always has our best interests at heart however it doesn’t know right from wrong or fact from fiction, it only knows that it is repeatedly told. If you consciously tell yourself something enough times, you will believe it is so.

How does it affect the way we live our lives?

For example; if at school or at home you repeatedly heard that you weren’t good enough or interpreted that belief, the repetition will mean that this is what you believe on an unconscious level. You don’t have to be aware of it, you just know. And it’s true because you believe it to be true.

However, the problem is that there is a domino effect from some of the bad habits/messages/behaviours it learns. So, this message could mean as you grow up that you could end up in relationships with people that confirm your lack of self-worth, and you don’t seek better because unconsciously you don’t believe you are worthy of more. Or could then mean that you don’t feel that you will amount to much in your work/career, so you don’t aspire for more. Your unconscious mind thinks it’s doing a good job because it’s doing what it was programmed to do!

Examples of common limiting beliefs (see which resonate with you):

  • I’m… not good enough/insignificant/invisible/worthless/alone
  • I don’t deserve love/ I don’t matter/I don’t fit in/
  • I am… guilty/bad/unattractive/imperfect/flawed/failure/fake
  • I’m not worthy enough/interesting enough/ important enough
  • I’m too old/out of control/unbalanced/overwhelmed
  • If I fall asleep I might forget something important/something bad might happen
  • It’s too late to change/I feel hopeless/I can’t grow
  • I don’t have time/money/resources/energy/motivation
  • I can’t be happy until…/I’ll be happy when…
  • I can’t orgasm/I come too quickly/ I can’t pleasure anyone/ no one can pleasure me

All these beliefs (and many more) are blockages from stopping you reach your full potential and ultimate happiness and wellbeing. This is where relationship hypnotherapy can help.

How can relationship hypnotherapy help?

The only way to get out of this destructive cycle is to counteract the negative thoughts and beliefs using relationship hypnotherapy, however, the fastest way to get results is to work on an unconscious level, through reprogramming so that the belief is changed, and repetition until your unconscious mind is willing to accept your new belief as reality. It really is in a nutshell as simple as that.

Why now?

The sooner you start to reprogram then the sooner you will see the results. Most people live in a trance and never do anything with this powerful state, however they are the ones missing out, because experiencing the positive changes and wellbeing that you and everyone else can see is simply mind blowing! I don’t understand why everyone on this planet isn’t doing Hypnosis every day.

If you are ready to start your exciting journey now, then read on….

Why me?

I don’t work like any other traditional Hypnotherapists. I combine my NLP with Hypnosis and offer a bespoke service, where we work together for a good few hours consciously during our initial consultation so that I can get what I need to be able to go away and write a powerful hypnosis script that is relevant to you.

I don’t just see people and put them in a trance straight away, I use your words, which means that the hypnosis is more powerful, because I’m not putting words into your mouth; they are all yours. And that special place of relaxation is that place that is unique to you, and not that beach or garden down those steps that other therapists use with every client. This means what I do facilitates fast results.

You can get advice from lots of people but ultimately the only advice you listen to is your own. Why do you think parents get tired of telling their children the same things over and over again? Ever had one of those friends in a bad relationship and you advise them until you are blue in the face but they don’t take a blind bit of notice? That’s because they need to figure it out for themselves.

Counsellors don’t tell you what to do, they let you come up with your own answers, and that’s because to make changes YOU have to be the one that figures it out. Therapists can only guide you, so when we work together I am talking to you in your words, and not my own, so you listen! You are in effect talking to yourself. With most other hypnotherapist’s they are talking to you using their words.

I’ve been there and battled my own demons and faced my own personal challenges including problems sleeping, a fear of public speaking, anxiety around driving, depression and panic attacks, to name but a few things I have worked out using hypnotherapy. I’ve come out the other side a grounded and happier person. Having experienced how powerful this process is and everything it has done for me, I want to share it with others. I am passionate about helping people do the same so that they can live their life to the full and experience all that life has to offer including ultimate happiness and sense ofwellbeing.

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Bespoke Relationship Hypnotherapy


1 x Consultation (we take as long as we need over Skype or in person). When I start writing I may have questions I need answering which I will either call you or email you for answers


1 x Bespoke hypnotherapy script to cover all the areas you want to cover – this is a life over haul for all your fears, negative behaviours and beliefs so let’s get everything in there!


Any tweaks to the script as we work through it. For example; there may be a situation that’s happened since our last session and we can add in coping strategies, or something new may come to light


Catch up time before the hypnotherapy session to discuss progress


Email check in weekly a few days after each hypnotherapy session


3 x Hypnotherapy sessions (either Skype or in Nottingham)


A recording of your script to listen to daily at home


Further relationship hypnotherapy sessions and coaching are available at £97, with discounts on packages.

If you have any questions about hypnotherapy or my services please don’t hesitate to contact me either by phone 07876 772585 or email


Further hypnotherapy sessions and coaching are available at £97, with discounts on packages.

If you have any questions about hypnotherapy or my services please don’t hesitate to contact me either by phone 07876 772585 or email

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