In light of Mental Health Awareness week I thought I would share with you a You Tube video I have done with a hypnotherapy session to help ease anxiety. People who have never been affected before with anxiety have found themselves struggling during these difficult times, many are resorting to excessive drinking and the pressure on families being couped up has put strains on many relationships.

I have written a hypnotherapy script specifically to help people through these challenging times. Things it will help with include:

  • disrupted or lack of sleep-
  • stress from being at work or home with the family –
  • worries about the virus and the future –
  • struggles with isolation and loneliness –
  • managing difficult relationships –
  • feelings of hopelessness and being out of control

If you are interested to experience hypnotherapy and how it can help, you will just need a quiet place to relax and listen for 20-30 minutes.