• Be present. Focus on the moment and try not to think about the future 
  • Don’t panic buy. Buy what you need. Trust that your lack of greed will mean you have all the supplies you need when you need them
  • Support your local shops and shop online don’t forget Amazon
  • Do try and talk about anything other the C virus 
  • Even if you’re in isolation, if you have a garden then spend at least an hour outside
  • Don’t listen constantly to the news or radio or read the doom and gloom in be papers. Listen once a day and get a quick update on the basic announcements. I listen to about 5 minutes a day
  • Meditate every day and practice mindfulness. Try apps like Head Space or free meditations on You Tube 
  • Remember that we are all in the same boat and we are all doing the best we can try not to get into victim mode. 
  • Make sure you have your vitamins either in tablets but preferably fresh fruit and veg
  • Do ask for help if you need it most people want to help if they can
  • Talk to your friends and family face time to help you feel closer if you’re in isolation 
  • If you have a partner try to keep intimacy alive. Sex helps you feel connected, acts as a stress reliever and boosts your immune system! 
  • Listen to music that uplifts you and feel good films

Grounding technique.

If you feel the anxiety taking hold ground yourself. You can do this standing up wherever you are, however, if you can, sit yourself down with your back straight and your feet planted on the floor (preferably barefoot) softly close your eyes and bring your awareness to your body, focus on any internal feelings. Just allow them to be. Notice tension, twitching, numbing, tingling, pulsing. 
Then focus on 3 things you can feel that you’re touching e.g your fingers might be touching each other, you might have a hand on your leg so you can feel your trousers, maybe your feet on the carpet or your bum on the seat. 
Next, bring your awareness to what you can hear. Listen even if it’s white noise, and carefully note what you can hear. It could be your breathing, the sound of the movement of your clothes, a clocking ticking, traffic, people moving around, birds, trees. Notice 3 things you can hear. 
Then gently open your eyes and bring your awareness to what you can see. Notice 3 things you can see and focus on each for a few seconds. 
After this you will be grounded and 100% present in the moment, which is essential for keeping calm.