Relationships are challenging at the best of times, however, now with the Coronavirus, we are dealing with unprecedented times.
Those with families can find themselves cooped up in a confined space 24/7, which can cause stress and frustration for even the happiest of families, never mind those in toxic and dysfunctional relationships.
Any tension between family members will increase, and without the support of friends then isolation will be really tough.
Isolation will make or break families. Follow these 12 tips to keep your family unit strong during the Coronavirus outbreak.

  1. Make sure you spend time in your own space. Even if it’s just 20-30 minutes on your own in a bedroom, in the bath or in the garden.
  2. Schedule time together as a family. Mealtimes are the perfect opportunity to connect, communicate and ditch the screen time.
  3. Communicate. Talk through with family members how everyone is feeling. Don’t let resentments and frustrations fester.
  4. Meditate. This will help you learn to keep a sense of calm with all the madness going on.
  5. Go out individually and as a family to a remote area where you can connect with nature and walk/play.
  6. Get children involved in helping with household chores. If everyone mucks in and does their bit it will be a lot less stressful.
  7. Utilize apps like House Party and Zoom to connect with other members of your family and friends.
  8. Try to keep your home tidy as it will give you a sense of order whilst the chaos is going on outside.
  9. Do try not to rely on too much screen time. It drains energy and can be bad for mental health. Instead try other games, making music, puzzles, quizzes, arts, and crafts.
  10. Create a daily/weekly schedule that works for all of you. The routine will help give you all a feeling of security.
  11. Parents/carers try to keep intimacy alive. I don’t necessarily mean sex, but affection, kissing and closeness. It will help stop tension from building up.
  12. If just one of you is working from home and the other is a key worker, then sexting and flirting throughout the day can help keep the romantic connection.